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What to do if you have an emergency flood

It is probably any homeowner’s or business owner’s nightmare – flooding! There are a couple of ways flooding can occur, usually it’s either due the natural elements such as weather, or sometimes the result of a burst, leaking or blocked pipe. Depending on what the cause is, can greatly impact the state of emergency, and the level of potential water damage you might be facing.


What should you do if you do experience a flood without warning?

The first thing to do is to act fast. How can you stop any more water from flooding your building or garden? If its due to a pipe bursting, run to the water mains to stop any water coming into your pipes. If you don’t know where this tap is in your house or business, then find out now and make sure it is known by others too!

If the flooding is looking serious, especially flooding due to rising waters levels, it’s a good idea to turn off your power too, especially sockets, if not all your power.

Above all, you want to ensure everyone who is in the building at the time is safe.


Removing the water

Once the cause has been found and solved, removing the water is your next goal. Even a small amount of flooding can cause considerable damage, especially to your floor and furniture. Do your best to save any items you can from becoming damaged, either by moving them to somewhere out of a flood zone or building a flood defence to stop water from reaching it.

Removing the water is something you want to do as quickly as possible. If the water level is minimal, use any form of scooping or mopping you can. If you are experiencing a considerable amount of water however, you will need to call a professional who has the right equipment.

As always, Happy Drains are here to help, we can provide a comprehensive emergency draining service, our qualified tanker operatives will alleviate flood water as quickly as possible, especially if you have a basement flood.


The aftermath – time to get dry!

Once the water has been successfully removed it’s vitally important to get everything dry, especially in the areas that you can’t see any remaining water, such as your carpets and walls. A dehumidifier will certainly be needed to help speed up the drying process and avoid the risk of mould occurring, which would cause even more issues.


If your home or business ever experiences flooding, call us as soon as possible on 07824 757572, and our flood water pumping service team will be happy to help.