Drain unblocking services @ its very best

Slow running drain? Blockage or Broken drain? Soakaway playing up? 

Whilst you may not know exactly what is going on something what’s wrong – all you see is a blocked drain, an overflowing drain, or maybe a leaking sewer or soakaway causing mess and smell.  Rest assured – just call Happy Drains and we’ll deal with it for you.


Fixed Prices and no surprises! 

Most of the time blockages are simple to clear all we need is accessible manhole covers and rest assured we make sure the blockage will gone and the job is done, no drama, no fuss at a fixed prices! 

Additional charges for mechanical/jetting equipment?
… we don’t think so!

Whilst other firms will try and clear blockages using inferior rods, then add additional costs for using mechanical or jetting equipment. We think that’s wrong, so we don’t. Our drain unblocking rates includes mechanical/jetting equipment. So call us first and don’t get caught out.

FREE ‘Look See’ drain inspection:

Is part our Drain Unblocking service at our discretion and where appropriate. Our engineers can examine faulty drains and sewers remotely to investigate any damage by sending a CCTV camera into your drainage system.

Our drain inspection will reveal what the drain problem may be and if it can be attributed as accidental damage (as defined by your insurance policy) you may be covered by your insurance company for the damage.  We can arrange a formal CCTV survey and report for you to present to your insurance company. We will detail the report to show exactly what’s has gone wrong. We then work out the simplest, swiftest and most economical way to put right any defects noted.

Whatever the drain problem, it won’t be a problem much longer!  

We can send a skilled engineer / contractor to you fast. We will quickly handle and deal with the emergency blockage and further identify the cause. Some times during the course of our works we may find when, that your blockage in fact has been caused by the public drain or sewers failing.

We of course reasonably and fairly reserve the right to charge for our professional services that result in discovering for you the liability is not yours. 

We will in these situations advise you of the next best course of action when dealing with the water company, you should of course ask your water company for any recompense.