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Get Your Outside Drains Winter Ready!

Cosy nights in, warming comfort food, cold and crisp weekend walks with the dog, all the things we love about the winter season. What we don’t love though is damp, wind and cold, for your drains especially. So, it’s important to keep them happy for the winter months so they can brave all the muck that comes with them. We’ve put together some advice below to get your drains through winter.


The “Winter Is Coming” Clean Up!

The closing of Autumn is the perfect time to do a big garden clean up, removing all the dead summer growth, the pile up of fallen leaves and getting everything tidy so it’s easy to keep on top of. The same goes for all your drains and gutters – make sure they do not get overlooked. Go round and inspect all areas of build-up, dirt, and debris, you’re sure to find a pile of leaves lingering around them. If you don’t give them a clean-up, they could cause blockages, bad smells, and overflowing water when it rains. Leave it too long and you will be dealing with a messier clean-up. If some drains are more susceptible to debris, consider installing some drain guards which will make keeping on top of clear ups much easier.

If you already have a blockage in you drains that you need clearing before the winter months, give us a call now on 07824 7575720800 849 8099 – we’ll get one of our professional engineers on the job in no time!


The Mid-Winter Maintenance

During the cold snaps of winter, it’s a good idea to do a spot check of all your drains to ensure water is free flowing. If we have snow, it could get into your drains and become frozen, which risks damaging your pipes and completely clogging up your drainage, so that’s another good reason to install some drain protectors.

While you are checking your drains, check any exposed piping and taps. If you think they might be at risk of freezing, you’ll need to get them covered up and insulated. Pipe insulation is fairly cheap to purchase and easy to install for this.


New Season, Fresh Drains

Staying on top of your winter maintenance means you can ease into spring with fresh, free flowing drains with no damage to repair. So, make sure you brave the cold, get some good cleaning gloves and get out there this winter.