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Kitchen Drain Dramas Vol.1, Tips & Tricks : Blockages

The kitchen sink is one of the busiest tools in the house, so it’s bound to run into some maintenance issues. A clogged or blocked drain is just one of most common issues you might run into with your drains, so here are some tips and tricks on how to solve them, plus some things you could be doing to help prevent future problems.


Clogged or blocked drain

Are you noticing that the water is not draining as smoothly and taking much longer to drain away? That’s a sign you have some build up waste in your pipes, preventing the water from freely draining away. 


How to Solve:

Use a plunger – A flat-bottomed plunger is best for a kitchen sink. Just run some water to fill the sink a little which will help with the suction and start plunging. Try to run some water down the drain afterwards, if it drains freely the blockage has become dislodged, and that’s your job done.

Clean out the U-Bend – This might require a little additional help depending on your ability to unscrew the connections to the elbow shaped pipe located underneath your sink. This little bit of pipe can become clogged with grease or food due to its shape, so you might need removed the pipe (remember to place a bucket underneath when you do remove to catch any surprise water or waste that might come out) and check for any unwanted gunk. Wash it all out, replace and that’s the job done.

Use a drain snake – If you suspect your blockage might go deeper, it could be worth purchasing a drain snake. This tool consists of a long-coiled wire, that can bend through your pipes and removed hard to reach spots. Generally, these are low cost and can be used in multiple drains in the house.


Tips on how to prevent:

The best prevention is to avoid the wrong types of things being washed down your drains, which will keep your pipes clean and clear from blockages of food particles, grease, fats, or anything that really should be disposed of elsewhere. Install some drain filters that catch any unwanted waste, and make sure you dispose of ANY fats, oils, and grease from cooking into a container and then into your bins.

We find it always helps to run some boiling hot water down your drains every now and then, this will give them a blast and help remove small build ups and help with any lingering smells. Just make sure you pour the water with care to avoid any splashes and burns. 


If you are experiencing any blockages with any of your drains, we are here to help. Contact us today on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 and we’ll advise you on the best next step for solving your drain issues.