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Fighting frost & frozen water in your pipes and drains

Think you’ve got a frosty or frozen pipe or drain? The clearest sign that you have frozen water in your pipes is if there is a lack of water coming out of your taps. If this is the case, your water supply through your pipes will have frozen solid. In some cases, you may still see a slight trickle of water if there is only a partial freeze.


So why does this happen? Even if your taps aren’t turned on?

Even when your taps aren’t on, they usually have a small amount of water in them, and when the temperature drops, this water can freeze, causing frozen pipe work and meaning your pipes could burst or crack, creating a flood risk in your home.


How can you fight the freeze?

There are a few ways in which you can combat frosty and frozen drains and pipes, such as leaving your heating on (only on low, about 12 to 15 degrees C), periodically running your taps to stop the water freezing, using insulation to wrap pipes and water tanks in cold areas such as a garage of loft, and draining your water system if you know you won’t be using your water for a while over the colder months.


What to do if you’ve discovered a frozen drain

If you’ve discovered a frozen drain, you can help to melt the freeze by using hot water. You’ll want to thaw it slowly so that none of the surrounding pipes crack. Start by using lukewarm water and getting hotter and hotter so that the temperature rises slowly to thaw any ice.


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