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Get your drains spring ready

Use the spring clean as a chance to check over your drains, as many in your home could probably use some TLC. Get stuck into drain cleaning and maintenance as the warmer weather comes into force with these handy tips for the drains and associated materials in your home.


Kitchen and Bathrooms:

The drains in your bathrooms and kitchen sinks are essential to everyday life. The drains here are in places where you keep yourself clean and prepare food, so always make sure they’re clean and in full working order.  You can buy off the shelf cleaners and un-blockers to help with maintenance.

Clean Your Gutters:

Spring is a great time to get rid of autumn and winter debris so water can run freely. Get outside and prepare to get messy as you clean out leaves, moss, and twigs. You can look at installing gutter guards to help keep them in shape too.

Look for Pipe Leaks:

Temperatures go up and down a lot over the winter in the UK and with this variation of temperature, your pipes can flex which can potentially develop leaks as we go from the cold winter to warmer spring weather. Use your spring-cleaning time to inspect your home for any drips, signs of condensation, and visible leaks or cracks. If you spot anything, get the issue checked out as if left to deteriorate your home may suffer damage that could have been avoided.

Root out any underlying problems:

As things start to bloom and grow it is an optimal time for tree root disruption to start. Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of drain blockage and they can get into most sorts of drains through the joints or any small cracks. If you don’t treat this problem, they can not only block, but go on to damage the structure of your drains and even contribute to subsidence. Check your outdoor drains for roots and if you spot anything and need assistance, give us a call.

Don’t forget that our drains could benefit from some attention all year round so invest in some products to help you keep them in tip top shape. Any issues or things you’re worried about, or if you just want some more tips on home drain maintenance, give us a call at Happy Drains on 0800 849 8099 or  07824 757572, we’ll be happy to help.