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Keeping your drains free from blockages… 5 Things You Should Never Flush!

This year has seen a real push for change, especially when it comes to saving our planet and what we can do to help. The talk about plastic and the ocean is definitely something that has been at the forefront of conversations – not only are plastics and single-use hygiene products terrible for the environment, they’re terrible for your drains. With the help of Happy Drains, we’re here to tell you about common drain blockages and what to never flush.

  1. Nappies
    It’s common for people to try and flush nappies down the toilet – we’re telling you now that it’s awful for your drains and is very likely to cause blocked toilets, which our CCTV inspection will easily identify.

  2. Single use feminine hygiene products
    The classic ‘unflushable’ product. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that these products are one of the main factors contributing to the London fatbergs that are growing in the sewers – we’d suggest that the bin would be the best place for this to save yourself from a damaged drain.

  3. Cigarette ends
    Smoking is bad for you full stop, but it’s also terrible for your drains! If those things are being flushed down your drain you might need to give us a call at some point to prevent the dreaded drain damage to your home.

  4. Floss
    Looking after your teeth is a big priority – we get it. Please just don’t flush your floss or let it run down the sink. It’s bad for the pipes and can easily block your drains!

  5. Large Wipes
    Okay, we know that these things say they’re flushable on the packaging but the volume of them currently being “flushed” is a) not good for the environment b) contributing to the earlier mentioned fatbergs in London’s sewers c) contributing to blocked drains.

If we all do a little bit we can help make a change, and you can contribute too by not flushing the forbidden five down your drains. If you do need our help though, you can find us using the details below.

Call us on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 24 hours a day. We charge a simple fixed price of £90 + vat * for a London residential dwelling private drain unblock during normal working time. This price includes jetting, unlike some London drain companies who’ll try rods first then charge you extra for jetting.