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What causes collapsed drains?

With the amount of rain hitting London and the rest of the country, our drains and drainage systems have been tested to the max these last few weeks. In parts of Yorkshire, we’ve seen some of the highest flood levels since records began and according to weather experts, the forecast for the next few days isn’t going to get better. 

Heavy rain is one of the leading causes of collapsed drains in the UK. Especially when you’re talking about the high levels of rainwater that we’ve received lately. A blockage in a drain can prevent rainwater from running down a perfectly built and designed drainage system. That blockage can store standing water, attract more debris and can effectively cause the collapse of a drainage system. 

Another common issue of a collapsed drain is again related to, yes, you guessed it: blockages. As these build up, clogs begin to accumulate at ground level, hence causing the drainage system to eventually collapse if left untreated. Not what you want at this time of year. 

Spotting a collapsed drain isn’t as easy as you may think. We find on a daily basis the cause isn’t always visible to the human eye. Here are the signs to look and listen out for: 

  • Blockages in your drainage system will more than likely give off an unwelcome and unpleasant odour. It’s always a good sign to tell if your sense of smell is working if you catch the odour. It’s normally one you won’t forget in a hurry. 

  • If you have recently started to notice your sinks are emptying slower than normal. At first, we would recommend following our step by step DIY fix.If this doesn’t work, then it’s likely you have an underlying issue. 

  • What can sound like gurgling noises when flushing your toilet or emptying your sinks or bath is also a common sign of a collapsed or block drain. 

We mentioned earlier but it’s also important to give you a nudge about it again. Leaving a potential blocked or collapsed drain is not recommended. The severity of it left untreated can cause serious damage and, in some cases, the ground around your property can subside. The washout of the supporting soil caused by the leaks undermines the foundation, causing potentially a major failure which will heavily affect the soil and foundation of the property. 

Collapsed drains are the responsibility of the homeowner and landlord (if a rented property). If it’s in relation to sewers or shared drainage system, your local water company is responsible for fixing. 

If you’re in any doubt of who’s responsibility it is, we are available 24 hours a day to take your calls. Require one of our expert engineers to your property then you can always contact us to book your appointment today. 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 or you can email us at service@happydrains.co.uk