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London Calling… Happy Drains!

Who’s the best drain company in London? Our website might say we’ll let you decide but actually our reviews have done that for us. We have thousands of verified reviews direct from our wonderful London based customers – AND THAT’S NOT ALL… We’re proud members of CheckATrade.com with a review score of 9.85 out of 10. We think that is pretty impressive!

We all know that the big smoke is a bustling hive of activity – a city that never sleeps! Well guess what, neither do we! You can call us 24 hours a day to speak to our team about a blocked or damaged drain. Simply call our office mobile 07788 255115 or Freephone on 0800 849 8099

How do you fix a drain in the big smoke we hear you ask, well, there are two main methods – either excavation OR we use no dig technology such as a sleeve inserted within the drain. It depends which option is practical and cost effective based on appropriate investigations which we can complete for you.

Now we love a handy customer who wants to give it a go themselves – so much so that we’ve got a few tips from our engineers for what you can do to try and unblock your drains by a little DIY:

  1. If it’s a slow running sink, try hot water or a proprietary chemical from a DIY store.
  2. Hire a set of rods, always try to push the blockage down to the next manhole or drain downstream.
  3. If it’s a blocked gully, it might be simply leaves blocking the grill. Get a broom handle and scrape the gully grill, that might just to the trick.

No solution? It could be time for a Happy Drains CCTV survey. We are specialists in offering this drainage service in London and remember, the inspection will be paid for by the insurance company if we detect a problem in your drains.

All you need to do is get in touch with us. Our fixed price guarantee for householders is £175.00 + VAT for CCTV householder investigation and home buyer CCTV drain surveys in London.