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Drainage basics: Different types of drainage systems for your home

Most homes have two types of drainage, made up of two different types of pipework. One removes wastewater from your bathrooms, kitchens and any appliances, the other removes rainwater any surface water from gutters, downpipes etc.

Below are four typical drainage systems that help move all that water away from your homes and protect you from floods, rot and other water related damage.


Subsurface Drainage

Subsurface is exactly how it sounds – drainage that lies beneath ground or soil. Designed to remove water that builds up in the soil at root level, helping to keep excess levels of water under control and prevent plants and trees from rotting or becoming waterlogged.


Surface Drainage

If you spot pools of water forming on your patios or driveways after rainfall, it’s a sign there is poor surface drainage. Water pooling can lead to damage to your home, so digging in ditches will channel excess water away from your home and into your main drainage system, preventing surface water from forming.


Slope Drainage

These pipes are installed to remove excess water on surfaces with a slope, to ensure water can flow downwards freely away from the area safely. These can be installed just beneath the surface with a protective guard over the top to prevent anything falling into it.


Downpipe and gutter Drainage

Likely to be the type of drainage we all know about the most. This system collects the water from your roof, with water being collecting in a gutter and then flowing freely towards a downpipe that runs the water directly into the ground. It’s important you have gutters on your home as without them, water would run straight off your roof and into the ground surrounding your home, causing damage and erosion, and potentially flooding. A common issue we deal with is clearing blockages from gutters and downpipes drains, which can cause bigger issues deeper into your drainage system. If you think you have an issue with a blockage, call our team of friendly professionals today on 0800 849 8099 who will be happy to help.