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Summer Garden Drain Maintenance

The hot summer months can be lovely, and it’s generally when we spend most of our time in the garden, so the last thing you want is a hot smelly outside drain! Here are some tips on keeping your drains in tip top condition over the summer months.


Give your gutters a summer clean

All those leaves that were wet and soggy over the spring months might have dried up and turned crusty by now, so all that mess is more likely breaking up and washing down those downpipes and into your drains. With enough build up, you’ll be getting a bigger clean up job, so safely give your guttering an inspection and clean, or hire a professional to help if it’s not safe.


Instal Drain Covers

In the drier months, dry dirt and debris, grass cuttings and garden waste can easily be blown around your garden into your drainage systems. It’s a good idea to protect them from the outside elements with a simple drain cover, helping prevent further build up in your pipes.


Inspect underneath your drain guards

Noticing a funky smell around your drains? Have you ever lifted the grate and felt what’s lurking beneath. Water draining slowly? A sure sign you have a potential blockage. Pour some boiling hot water down to give it a good flush and see if that clears some of the blockage. If nothing is working or you are unable to inspect yourself, our engineers at Happy Drains are the experts at clearing blockages, and they will come with lots of knowledge and advice on how to keep your drains running smoothly. Give Happy Drains a call now on 07824 757572 to talk to someone today.


Look after your plants and they will look after you!

Plants, shrubs, and lawns in your garden are the perfect drainage systems. They mop up the excess water in those wetter months, reliving some strain on your drains. Make sure you are looking after them in the hotter months, so they are nice and healthy for the wet ones.