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Digging in London

If your drainage pipes become cracked or start to deteriorate then time is of the essence to avoid a serious problem. Any form of damage to a pipe can be a huge risk to your property: sewage flooding, blockages, leaking, foul smell, and even building subsidence.

When pipe damages occur in London it becomes increasingly difficult to repair pipes that are underground. The traditional way of digging until you reach the pipe or create a trench to reach the pipe may not always be necessary.

The complexity of London drains and the issues that occur with pipes in London requires ‘no-dig’ or ‘trenchless’ pipe replacement methods. Using special resin pipes can be restored from the inside by inserting a liner. When the liner is inside the pipes (both vertically and horizontally) it can then be turned inside out and make its way through the pipe by either the use of water or air pressure. The special resin that is layered over the liner can the act as a bonding agent to the inside of the pipe, restoring the integrity of the pipe.

The use of robotic cutting machines can then be utilised for any addition changes that are required to the drain. This style of drainage repair can last for 50 years plus, making it a reliable solution to fix your drains, without digging up half of London!