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What is a Drain Survey and Do I Need One?

If you’re moving home or purchasing a new business, you’d want to be sure that whatever you’re signing up for is in full working order, that includes your drains! Perhaps you’re thinking of expanding your property in London by giving it that much-needed extension. However, will the condition of your drainage put a halt on that new bedroom or conservatory?

A drain survey from Happy Drains will provide you with a detailed report of your new or current London property or business; allowing you to make decisions and ensure that those drains are running as they should be.

Drain surveys can also be used to identify any issues within your drainage that may be causing havoc on your current London home. Our CCTV survey will reveal what the problem is, if any, and provide you with essential information via our technical report.

Should you have any damage to the pipework, we can also provide repairs anywhere in the London area!

Using the latest industry software and CCTV technology, we will provide you with a full technical report, recommendations, specifications and quotations for any associated repairs from qualified engineers.

Learn more about CCTV Drains Surveys from Happy Drains here.