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Happy Health Checks Are Important For You And Your Neighbours.

Just like an annual health check-up with your GP or an MOT at your local dealership, homes need health checks too – and one of the most important inspections you can get is for your drains.

In London, drain health isn’t just about convenience either, you may have heard a story or two in the last 12 months about the gigantic fatbergs found at various locations across the capital’s sewer system, but you might not have heard about just how threatening these fatbergs are to the residents. With a whole host of harmful bacteria virtually swimming in these waste-filled clots, it’s never been more important to do all you can to help.

And that’s where Happy Drains comes in.


CCTV inspection
 As well as offering reactive assistance with drainage problems, Happy Drains also offers a proactive CCTV drain inspection service. After all, how do you know where you’re going wrong with drainage without taking a look at your drains from the inside.

Drain problems are rarely single events, so we decided the best way to help was to attack the problem at its core. One of our experienced engineers would be happy to visit and create a survey report letting you know what (if anything) might be needed to look after the structural integrity of your drainage.


Working for everybody.
From the CCTV data, we can also make sure you get all the info you need on what’s right for the drain and what’s right for the dump. So you avoid any more drainage system problems, keep your drains healthy with the right waste in the right place, and make fatbergs a thing of the past… not just for the health of your drains but for the health of everybody.