3 Ways to Boost the Water Pressure in your Home

Have you recently noticed that the water pressure in your home isn’t as free flowing as it used to be? There are many reasons why your water pressure may have recently decreased, with many simple answers that you can do yourself.

Depending on the issue you are dealing with, you’ll need to decide whether you need to increase water pressure at one tap, fix a low pressure problem across all taps or a long history of low water pressure.

Check for Leaks & Limescale

If you’re currently experiencing low water pressure, it could be down to leaks within your pipes. These can be caused by a number of things, such as general corrosion or impact from a sharp object. A leak in your pipe is more likely to occur if you live in an older home.

Water pressure can also decrease due to a build-up of Limescale within the pipes, particularly if you live within an area with hard water. Limescale can also build up on the heads of showers and taps, which can make the flow difficult.

You can ensure all taps and shower heads are thoroughly clean and limescale-free in order to allow the water to run freely. We’d advise avoiding store-bought limescale solutions, as in the long run it can make the problem worse. If you’re experiencing low water pressure due to leaks or limescale issues, a professional will be able to offer the best help.

Check the Water Meter

Do you have a water meter within your home? If so, you should check the pressure of water that is coming in from the mains. It is likely that you can increase your water pressure by replacing or resetting the regulator.

If your water pressure is too high, it could mean that there is trapped air within your pipes. You can stop this from occurring by turning your taps on as far as they can go in order to release any trapped air, helping to return the pressure to normal.

If you’ve tried resetting or replacing your regulator but are still experiencing water pressure issue, you may want to contact your water utility supplier. They will be able to determine if the problem lies in the utility supply pipes.

Booster Pump

You may need to invest in a home booster pump to increase water pressure within your home, especially if it is remaining low regardless of other checks.

There are many water pressure boosters available, whether you need something simple with an on-off switch, or something more sophisticated that provides water at a constant pressure with variable speeds.

Here at Drain Checker, we would always advise calling out a professional to diagnose the issues you are experiencing with your water pressure. This way, you are sure to get precise and exact, experienced workers to figure out the problems that are occurring. If you need more information, you can get in touch with a member of the Drain Checker team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0800 849 8099.