Need a CCTV drain survey in Baldock?

To professionally determine the structural condition of underground pipework in Baldock we use a small closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera probe. With our expert eyes and the best industry standards, we then find cost-effective solutions to save you money. Our Trusted fact-based reports show all significant issues.

Residential CCTV drain survey
£175.00 + vat*
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Perfect for householders or site work, our CCTV drain surveys include:

  • Video footage
  • PDF technical reports
  • Annotated record drawings (nts) & costed recommendations
CCTV drain survey Baldock pl CCTV drain survey Baldock re
* Residential CCTV Drain Survey Terms: To survey up to 30m of drainage of a residential property. All chambers will be accessible, and permissions gained to enter relevant areas unhindered, and pipework is clean.
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Reviews are a most critical tool, negative or positive they help us understand how we are doing in Baldock. They give you an insight about whether you should be employing that company in Baldock. Consider our reviews and then you can make up your mind who to trust and why.

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Baldock CCTV Drain Survey & Drainage Investigation
Hertfordshire, SG7

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DrainChecker are your local Baldock experts for CCTV drain surveys

Specialising in Baldock home buyers and Baldock house movers CCTV drain surveys.

If you are buying you first property, moving to a larger property or even downsizing in Baldock, our home mover pre purchase survey service is tailor-made for you.

It will tell you everything you need to know about the drainage system at your new Baldock property. If there are problems it will tell you how much it will cost to put it right.

We can typically find failed joints, root damage and sometimes illegal connections. For a jargon free comprehensive report complete with (if required) a digital Mpeg recording of the survey you have come to the right place and we offer the very best value in Baldock and around Hertfordshire.

#1 for value, trust and speed for all Baldock drain problems

Customer reviews are very important to us - please take time and care to look at our independently verified reviews.

We believe the customer is king and the customer should have a voice so we invite you to tell the world how we did in delivering our service in Baldock SG7 and Hertfordshire. We are proud of our reputation of being your #1 local Baldock drainage experts for CCTV Drain Survey & Drainage Investigation.

DrainChecker CCTV drain surveys is our specialist subject service in Baldock and around Hertfordshire.  We are the number one choice for value, trust and speed in and around Baldock at your home or at you place work, call us, we are always happy to answer any drainage related question you may have!

Proud of our reputation...

Happy Drains are highly rated at Checkatrade!
3836 reviews 9.76 out of 10

Drain pipes clogged

"We had an amazing member of the team (his name was Craig) come take a look at the issue we had. Although it was not a big job at all, Craig ensured that the issue was definitely rectified and tried quite a few things before he had packed up his tools and left. His advisory was also detailed and was extremely friendly. I would recommend the company to my friends and family and whoever is lucky enough to get Craig attention their house then that's even better!"

Blocked drain cleared

"Gary and his lad did an excellent job. Friendly and efficient. Gary explained the cause of the block due to not enough water in cistern jetted it clear. When I removed the Hippo bag from the cistern as he advised the loo paper flushed through, saving on a plumber."

Downstairs loo would not drain

"Absolutely marvellous service. Tommy is a total star. He came promptly sorted it out and was so helpful. Highly recommended service and reasonable price."



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Baldock SG7 emergency CCTV drain survey & drainage investigation.

Fast service assured in Hertfordshire.

Blocked drain Baldock SG7

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Commercial and Industrial Baldock CCTV Drain Surveys and Investigations

We will save you time and money on your Baldock drains by precisely identifying the exact location of existing problems before any excavations begins.

Let us locate your Baldock drainage problem with CCTV we will provide and depth by using the locating services. This in turn will tell you whether you need a shovel or an excavator!

Let us @ DrainChecker identify Baldock drain faults before they become a bigger problems. Using CCTV camera inspection technology we can provide accurate diagnosis of the problem drain and will then propose the most cost effective solutions.

Over time Baldock drains can deteriorate due to ground movement, settlement, heave, poor construction, or external impact damage.

The push rod camera gives instant feedback with live pictures and on-screen text with meterage, ideally suited for small bore pipework.  If the pipe diameter is greater than 225mm in diameter then our ‘large bore’ crawlers and tractor systems are ideally suited for site work in Baldock SG7 and Hertfordshire.

Why Pay More for Baldock Drain Repairs?

We fix and guarantee any Baldock drainage problem at the best price.

With best products and best practice our qualified teams are the local Baldock drain experts to trust. We are reliable and honest and use the latest ‘no dig tech’ as well as traditional repairs with modern innovations to deliver the very best value in Baldock and the surrounding Hertfordshire areas.

Problem solving: Baldock CCTV drain & sewer repairs

Our operators and engineers are problem solvers for Baldock drains, that’s what we do, that’s where we deliver value because it’s the solution you need to the problem found at your property in Baldock.

As you can see we are proud to be a ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ drain contractor for Baldock SG7 and Hertfordshire so you can trust our integrity. Our network of local family approved local contractors in Baldock SG7 will undertake drainage works and we will guarantee the survey is 100% accurate. We investigate Baldock drain pipe works structural and service integrity with state-of-the-art equipment and figure out what is right and more importantly wrong. We then report in detail the appropriate and most cost-effective repair.

We can also pin point and map your Baldock drainage system by propelling a radio signal transmitting sonde through the drain and plot its course with a receiver whilst it travels the pipe from above. We then prepare comprehensive map of what we've found to include depths and direction.

You will then fully understand your maintenance responsibility at your new Baldock property. We will also identify any shared drains on your property owned by the Water Company that they are legally responsible to maintain.

Independently verified customer reviews tell the full story...

Happy Drains are highly rated at Checkatrade!
3836 reviews 9.76 out of 10

Clear drains and sewer

"Happy Drains were excellent. We called and they promptly quoted and and attended the job. Tommy was extremely personable and professional . He kept us informed throughout the job. We couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Unblocking our drain outside

"Great service. Managed to get the appointment soon and within suitable hours. The engineer phoned me before he came over. He fixed the issue even cleaned the slabs for me. 5 star service"

Cleared drain

"Terrific company, did exactly what we asked for, charged exactly what they said prompt service highly recommend."

Clear blocked drain

"Work crew arrived very promptly and carried out the work and tidied up within half an hour. Brilliant!"

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Happy Drains are highly rated at Checkatrade!
3836 reviews 9.76 out of 10

Unblock drain run from WC

"Excellent from start to finish, arrived within the time window and carried out a very thorough job above and beyond what could be expected. Invoice amount as agreed, would highly recommend."

Hideous Drain Blockage

"The work didn't take more than half an hour including the setting up and clearing. The money spent was well worth every £1. My drain cover was rusted closed and I was reluctant to use Happy Drains earlier in the week as I was told I would have to pay quoted price even if they couldn't open it. I managed to open it before calling again. Wish they had come 4 days before as I would have saved money and the misery of the hideous drains. So professional they have all the right gear. Done so quickly. Appreciate them even more as I paid a rogue plumber £70 to poke a few rods and achieve nothing."

Blocked Drain clear and Clean

"Really efficient, the lady at the call centre checked that a team were able to come out and came back to me with an estimated time that morning, and emailed me with confirmation after being let down by another let down by another company that morning, definitely use them again."

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We use selected local professionals in the Baldock SG7 area.

This ensures a fast CCTV drain and sewer inspection & survey in Hertfordshire.

Our Baldock area coverage:

Baldock, Letchworth Garden City, Letchworth, Arlesey, Henlow, Henlow Camp, Lower Stondon, Upper Stondon, Apsley End, Higham Gobion, Offley, Pegsdon, Pirton, Shillington, Stotfold, Royston, Biggleswade, Budna, Hatch, Langford

Baldock and Hertfordshire drain services from a firm receiving great feedback...

Happy Drains are highly rated at Checkatrade!
3836 reviews 9.76 out of 10

Domestic drain blockage

"Had a tricky blocked drain from sink and dishwasher. Happy Drains came very quickly, turned up on time and did the job politely and without any fuss. Hats off to Nathan who tried several different approaches to the problem and succeeded pretty quickly and even fixed the leak in the u bend. Thanks a lot. I'd recommend them to any one and good value for money."

Unblocking main drain

"Fantastic service - our main drain became completely blocked late on Sunday evening. Called Happy Drains first thing on Monday morning. They got an engineer to us in 40 minutes who fixed the problem very soon after that."

Toilet overflowing due to blocked drain

"This is the second time I have used Happy Drains and both occasions they have responded quickly and carried out the work efficiently and cured the problem."

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Call our office mobile
07788 254933

or Freephone
0800 849 8099


Call our office mobile
07788 254933

or Freephone
0800 849 8099