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What Causes a Noisy Drain?

You might think that gurgle in your drain is normal, it’s a sound most of us are familiar with, but it could mean your sink is becoming blocked, and if it’s from multiple sinks in the house it could indicate a deeper blockage. You might even hear a gurgling coming from your sink when the washing machine is being used or when you use your shower, either way you’ll probably be wondering what’s going on.

A noisy drain could be occurring either from a partially blocked or clogged drain, or it could be that the drain is not venting air properly.


What to look for

In many cases, a loud gurgling noise usually indicates a clogged drain, this could be down to hair, food particles and oils, or other general waste. The first thing to do is understand which drain the noise is coming from. If the noise is coming the drain you are pouring water down, this indicates that drain alone could have the clogging issue, so you could take steps to clear the blockage and eliminate the noise.

If the noise comes from a different drain such as in another room or multiple rooms, this indicates the clog could be coming from your sewer line. Your drain systems will have an air vent, so air can escape and allow your water to drain freely and quietly, so a blockage to air escaping could be the cause to the noise. It’s a bit like if you were to poke a vent hole in the bottom of a bottle of water, so pouring the water out would do so quickly and more freely as the air escapes through the vent hole, instead of gurgling its way out with no vent hole as the air must try and escape through the spout.


The solution

Once you have located the issue, you can use products such as drain snakes or a drain unblocker to clear the pipes of any clogs. If the issue is not reachable, a good idea would be to call in a professional who will have the necessary knowledge and tools to inspect the problem before if potentially becomes a bigger issue.


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