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How to clean and avoid dirty gutters

Don’t let your gutters get grimey, clean them now ahead of the autumn and winter months.


Why clean out the gutters?

Summer, we hope, is a drier time of year, and this is the perfect time to get up to your gutters and clear them so that they’re free of debris and dirt and any blockages. Sorting this now will mean that they don’t cause problems to your drainage in the wetter months to come. A blocked gutter could result in water damage to your home, that’s pretty much preventable.


Cleaning them out

Cleaning your gutters is easy – but wear gloves as it’ll be a messy job. Once you’ve climbed your ladder or got to your guttering height, either use your hands to collect and remove the dirt or use a gutter scoop. Make sure to either take up a bucket with you to collect the rubbish or put plastic sheeting below to catch it all as you throw it down. When the dirty job is done, you can take a hose and flush out your gutters to make sure they’re clean and free of any bits of grime you might have missed.

If you keep on top of cleaning your gutters, it won’t take long and won’t be a chore. Of course, you can also get professional gutter cleaner in too.


Keeping them grime free

If you’re looking at ways to help keep your gutters cleaner for longer you can invest in Gutter Hedgehogs which are a great way of helping to keep your gutters free from leaves, debris and build up. These plastic cylinder-shaped bristle strips fill the gutter, preventing any debris from entering. They’re low maintenance and slot into place without the need for tools.

You can also buy downpipe trap guards which will stop things going down the pipes, or gutter mesh.

A leaf blower can also be used to blow out any dry leaves or dirt, or a power washer is great if you have one to keep on top of the clean.


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