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Watch out! What to know about other Free CCTV Surveys offers VS Happy Drains’ Surveys.

We often hear from our customers that they have had a ‘Free CCTV Survey’ from a drain maintenance company, and then they never hand over a report presenting any findings, but then they are told they have damage and repairs that need doing. Unfortunately depending on who is providing your CCTV survey, they might decide to take your money for a job without showing you any proof if it needed doing in the first place, which is exactly what a CCTV survey should be all about.

At Happy Drains we 100% stand by never doing do this to our customers and will always present you with all the evidence and advice needed with our CCTV Survey.


What to look out for when being offered a CCTV Survey

When talking to any surveyor, here are some types of questions you could ask them before you agree to anything.

What are your credentials?

Can you show me an example report after a CCTV survey?

What will I receive with my report?

Are you FCA accredited?

When will I receive my post report after the survey?

Will I receive the video footage from the CCTV survey?

Do I have any obligation with you if works need doing?

Based on the information you get back you’ll have to make your own judgment call, but do ask yourself, will it really be free?


What you’ll receive with a Happy Drain CCTV Report

Having a CCTV report with Happy Drains puts you in good hands from the very start, as post survey, you will receive a full report providing all the essential information you need via a technical report and assessments, so you can then decide on the best course of action.

Plus, if you are making a claim via your insurance, you’ll need these reports to make a claim. Happy Drains are FCA accredited and authorised to offer a free claims management service to assist you, and we will use the CCTV survey as part of a clear written report for your insurance company.

We use the latest industry software and CCTV technology, our reports are easy to understand, and you’ll have all the proof you need, including recommendations, specifications, and quotations from qualified engineers to show how we’ll be able to deliver the quickest and most cost-effective way to put right any defect. 

Finally, you might be wondering if our report is also free? If the survey finds no problem after we have undertaken the emergency unblock, then there’s nothing to pay – we waive the survey cost. No fault, no fee.


So next time give us a call on 0800 849 8099 to find out more about our CCTV surveys.