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How to keep your drains in tip top shape this New Year

The Holiday season has no doubt put your drains though a lot, with all that added use from family, friends, and lots of cooking! So, why not start the New Year off strong with some simple home maintenance and new year cleaning? Including your drains!



Your plug holes can be a breeding ground for soap scum and build up. Do you have a pop-up stopper plug on your sink? These will typically be in your toilet/bathroom sinks and are the worst culprits for soap and toothpaste build up, especially as you wouldn’t know unless you physically remove it to inspect them underneath. Try to do this on a regular basis if you can – you might need an old toothbrush or cleaning brush to get right in there to get the nasty stuff out.

If your kitchen sink does not have a drain catcher on it, get one now. The more bits of food and dirt you can prevent from going down your plughole the better. This will help your pipes from becoming blocked and stop slow draining water occurring. To keep on top of this, give you kitchen sinks a blast of boiling water on a regular basis.


Showers and Baths

Have you got people with long hair in your household? Do you wash pets in the shower? It’s hard to stop hair from sliding down your drains but just like your kitchen sinks, they can get blocked easily. Invest in a catcher for these drains too to stop hair from causing you any issues. To keep on top of your bathroom drains you might need to use a small drain snake, which is a simple but effective tool that you pop down your plughole to pick out bundles of hair and build up. Do this on a regular basis as there is nothing worse than a slow draining shower.



Don’t overlook your outside drains. Regular maintenance checks for debris and leaves surrounding your drains are a must in winter, and all through the year too.

Why not start the year strong and have all your drains professionally cleaned, especially the hard-to-reach ones outside, including your gutters? Get your cleaning booked in now with Happy Drains on 0800 849 8099. Our team will be happy to help with you drain maintenance.