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Vermin? This Simple Tip Can Protect Your Plumbing

Damaged or improperly installed drains can lead to a rodent invasion into your drains. You want to avoid vermin accessing your plumbing systems at all costs, because if they access your drains and plumbing, they can then spread dangerous diseases that cause many health issues.

Dangers of Vermin in Your Plumbing

If the rodents access your drains and plumbing, they can then spread dangerous disease that can cause many health issues. Their ability to chew through plastic can cause problems with water pipes such as flooding or slight leaks, which can make further issues like mold or rotting wood. Regular drainage checks will help to prevent any damages to your pipes being missed and prevent vermin from contaminating your water.

Valve Installation

When trying to keep the vermin away, poison is never the answer. The poison contains lethal substances which can make adults very sick and kill animals or young children. The best action to take is having a valve installed. This will prevent any rodents or noxious fumes entering back into your property. A very simple and easy way to prevent any risks or causing harm.

Rodent Removal at Happy Drains

Fitted to an existing manhole or soil pipe, it can be installed yourself by purchasing a drain non-return valve here or, to save the hassle, contact us at Happy Drains today to consult us on your best course of action.