3 Truly Strange Messages Found in Underground Drains

Drains and sewers aren’t only a part of our everyday life and everyday plumbing; they can also be the source of the odd creepy or strange tale and are the birthplace of many urban legends. And we’re not talking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

1.  An Innocent Greeting?

A woman in Yorkshire reported playing in a system of underground drains near her house. She said that nothing bad ever happened, but there was one strange occurrence.

She and a friend once spotted the word ‘hi’ written on the walls with spray paint. At the time, it worried them because they thought they were the only ones that played down there.

They went back down, trying to find the ‘hi’ again, but they never did.

2. Take The Hint

Two young men in San Diego entered a tunnel to see the words ‘Don’t Go’ written on the walls. As it happens, they turned and walked back out.

Smart boys.

3. It Started With a Smoky Smell…

In Wisconsin a young man was walking his dog in the woods when he saw the opening to a drain. He smelled a smoky smell wafting from inside, as if someone was down there smoking a cigarette. Leaving his dog standing guard outside, the man slipped inside the drain, wondering if there could be a fire or maybe some other kind of emergency. 

The man snapped on his keyring light so he could see. On the side of the grey brick wall were the words: GET OUT OF MY HOME

The young man was so spooked that he immediately exited the way he had come without investigating the smoky smell. To this day, he doesn’t know where it came from. Looking back, he thinks it might have been just a silly prank.

Still, a fast exit might have been the right choice.

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