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The Most Common Drain Issues & How To Solve Them This Autumn

The days are starting to become shorter; the colours of the trees are starting to turn, the warmer clothes are starting to reappear… Autumn is upon us and like each and every season, it comes with environmental changes that might require maintenance on your home.

Here at Happy Drains we want to help, so we’ve put together some of the most common drain issues & how to solve them this Autumn.


  • Keep your kitchen drain healthy in prep for the colder months and pour fat and oil into an old drinks carton and throw it away, instead of pouring it down the drain. The cold will make these substances set even faster, increasing the risk of calling out a professional


  • Your outdoor drains are more likely to become blocked in the Autumn months, with all those falling leaves and garden debris. It’s important to try and avoid them falling down your drains and cause blockages so make sure to check and clear them regularly and install drain covers designed to keep unwanted things out


  • Just like your outdoor drains, outside pipes and gutters need to same sort of attention. Gutters can be the perfect catcher of all sorts of debris blown in from the wind. Survey your property and take special attention to areas close to overhanging trees, these could be your hotspots that will need regular cleaning. You can also purchase gutter protectors that are easy to install and will help keep your pipes blockage free


  • Autumn can bring lots of wet weather, and more rain calls for more drainage. Look out for any surface water that is taking a long time to disappear, this could mean you could have a potential blockage in your drains, or the surface is not directing the water where it needs to go. If you can’t see any blockages on the surface you might want to think about booking in an inspection from one of our experienced engineers, as the problem could go much deeper. Get in touch with a member of the team today on 0800 849 8099


  • Autumn also means winter is coming! So, it’s the perfect time to start some winterising so you don’t have to when it’s even colder outside. Check any pipes that you think might be more exposed to the elements and make sure they are well insulated to prevent any freezing in the deep winter months