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Banish common bathroom drain issues

When you think of plumbing and drains, bathrooms come straight to mind. All that water, all those pipes and unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. So here are 4 common bathroom issues which you might experience…


Clogged Drains

Whether it’s the bath, the sink, or the toilet, if you’ve got slow draining water or water which isn’t draining at all, you may have a complete or partial clog. Using a plunger can quite often fix the problem but if you find you’re doing this frequently, call in the professionals as we can take a deeper look and find out the route of the problem.

Bath not draining

Clearing your bath of debris each time you use it can really help limit the number of clogs you experience. With hair, skin and soap scum all going down the plug hole after each wash, the drain can easily get blocked, slowing down the flow of water. Make sure to pull out any debris after each use, you can also buy a drain snake to help pull out all that hair – YUK!

Dripping Taps

A dripping tap is not only annoying, but also wastes a lot of water and can drive up the cost of your water bill. Look at changing the washer on your tap to see if this solves the problem, but if this isn’t doable and your tap has ceramic plates instead, it’ll need to be sorted by a professional.   

Stinky Drains and Sewers

If your bathroom is causing a stink and you can smell sewer gas, this could be caused by a dry shower trap, damaged pipes, a clogged drain, or an old toilet ring. There are some DIY remedies for eliminating the smell but call us out to help you identify the real cause of the problem so that it can properly be dealt with.


Need more help? Our engineers are experienced with all sorts of bathroom drainage systems, so if you have an issue with your drains, please call us on 07824 757572.