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The impact that vehicle activity can have on drains

Vehicles can, and do, have a big impact on drains. An increase in traffic such as a diversion from a main road, an influx of large or heavy vehicles travelling down a single stretch or even getting yourself a bigger car/housing more cars on your driveway could steer you into a couple of issues.

What can you do to protect your drains from vehicles at home?

With many of us hoping for a few visitors this Christmas, you might be worried about the impact more cars at your home could have on your drains or drainage. Maybe you’ve got a manhole cover at the entrance to your property, a drain in your garage or a grate across your driveway?

Too much weight on drain covers can cause them to collapse, especially if they are old or brittle. Check them regularly and get them repaired if necessary. Avoid parking with tyres directly on top of drain covers if you can, or for extra support, you can cover the area with a large wooden board to spread any expected weight.

Street drain damage and what you can do…

With traffic increasing on many of our roads you may experience an issue with a drain on your street or directly outside of your home but not actually on your property. Incidents with damaged drains in this sense may include an old drain which has collapsed or a badly fitted drain causing noise or vibrations to your property when it’s driven over. If the issue is with a drain on a highway this is the responsibility of your local council. Contact them and raise the issue.

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