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Don’t Get A Pain In The Drain This Christmas!

Imagine, it’s Christmas day and you’re just about to dump that left-over gravy down the plughole. Do you get that nagging feeling of doubt in your mind? Yes? That’s because we all know that putting waste down our sinks and plugholes is wrong.

We get that the ease of it can sometimes get the better of you, but we’re here to tell you to STOP! Fat from the turkey, oils from our roast potatoes, scrapings of left-over vegetables, cranberry sauce remnants and that skin on cold custard is all being poured down our drains year after year, causing blockages and grime to build up in the pipes.


What should we do with our Christmas food waste?

Bin It! – Compost bins and curb side collected food waste bins are where all of your kitchen waste and leftovers should end up – not potentially causing flooding to your street. Pick all solid food off plates before putting them in the washing up bowl or dishwasher as they will help stop blockages.

Strain It! – Get a sink strainer to catch bits of food caught in gravy or sauces. It will catch any bits when you empty your washing up bowl water too.

Don’t Pour It! – As fats and oils cool, they harden, often leading to large sections of our drains impassable by the waste which is actually meant to flow through them. Use absorbent materials such as coffees grounds to soak up your left-over sauces before putting them in the bin. And if you’ve got fat or oil to get rid of, let it harden before chucking it in the bin.

Recycle It! – Some of your leftovers can be left out for wildlife to enjoy. Check online for what you can and can’t leave out in your garden to feed the animals this Christmas.

If you need help with any drain issues over the festive season, give us a call on 0800 849 8099 or email us at service@happydrains.co.uk.