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Preparing Drains for Summer Months

Summer has finally come around; it’s time to dig out your barbeque and paddling pool, sit back and enjoy the Sun! For many people the last thing they think about is undertaking drains maintenance in preparation for the summer months- but the warmer weather is the ideal time to have drain repairs and other drains maintenance work carried out. Having work done at this time of year can be carried out quicker due to good weather conditions – meaning less disruption for you.

Most people associate blockages with the colder, wetter months but in actual fact, summer can be the worst time for drainage problems, which people need to become aware of if they want to avoid the horrendous smells that can occur. With trees and bushes having the right environment to grow, their roots can grow into pipes and drains causing blockages or worsen existing ones. Temperatures rising can exacerbate smells, making them almost unbearable. Follow these tips to prepare your home so you’re able to sit back and relax.

Tip 1

If you are jetting off on a lovely relaxing holiday, it’s a good idea to turn off your main water supply. It takes less than five minutes to do and will save you a costly repair job. It will reduce the risk of coming home and finding water leaking through flooring and damaging your belongings.

Tip 2

Staying home during summer? There are a few checks you can carry out. First, make sure your taps are functioning normally. Check both inside and outside water lines. To do this, turn each line on and off, one at a time and listen for any unusual sounds. If you have low water pressure, you may want to call a professional to have a look and sort any necessary repairs needed.

Tip 3

Check any exposed pipes. Cracked pipes from winter weather can lead to house damage. When inspecting, keep an eye out for green, mouldy, damp or mossy areas near the pipes. The excessive growth may indicate a leak.

Check your toilets for leaks, too by adding a drop of food colouring into the water tank located in the back. If you notice the food colouring seeping into the toilet bowl after several minutes, you have a leak. To repair the problem, the flapper will need to be replaced. If you aren’t sure how to do this, call a professional- we’d be happy to help.

Tip 4

Clean pipes and gutters, even if they have a mesh guard. Leaves that are left to rot on top of mesh guards will decay and become dirt that can clog the gutters and drain pipes.

Tip 5

It’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry. So, why not get a CCTV survey? This survey will throw up any problems, small or big, with your drains. It will allow us to work out any problems and the simplest, quickest solution in order to fix it. This helps to avoid too much disruption to your summer!

Here at Happy Drains, we use the most reliable and up to date service to ensure your drains and pipes are running to the best of their abilities. If you’d like to find out more information, you can get in touch with a member of the team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0800 849 8099.