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How can I stop Tree Roots from ruining my Drains?

Though it’s an awful inconvenience, it’s only natural for tree roots to grow towards drain pipes due to the huge source of water, nutrients and oxygen that is vital for roots to thrive.

Unfortunately, if a root is able to find a leak it will quickly find its way into the pipe and grow, preventing any flows and causing drains to become blocked, cracked and even collapsed. If left unattended, these problems can quickly develop into costly fixes for homeowners, as well as being unsanitary and leading to potential health issues.

Thankfully, there are some precautionary measures that can be made beforehand to help maintain pipes and keep them away from tree roots.

Know where drains are located

By knowing exactly where drain pipes are located underground can help when deciding to plant trees. You’ll also be able to locate any potential tree roots that are working their way towards the drains and stop them from doing so.

Create a barrier

Introducing a barrier that can discourage root growth and stop those from reaching the drain pipes are readily available. Copper sulphate and potassium hydroxide are slow releasing chemicals that are commonly used to help prevent root growth. More stable, metal or wood barriers can be buried below the drains to stop roots from growing towards the pipes.

Learn the warning signs

Most drains will experience a blockage from time to time. For blockages that are infrequent and only happen occasionally, there are easy solutions that can be used to clear any clogs. If your drains are undergoing blockages more regularly, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Drains that have been damaged by tree roots can lead to blockages, so look out for those.


If you’re experiencing drains that are clogging up frequently and you are having trouble clearing the blockage, it’s time to call someone in to help. A professional can inspect your drains and locate any damaged areas, as well as let you know what the best solution is.

Are you experiencing issues with your drains? Are you finding that they are clogging up more than usual? Get in touch with Drain Checker today for more information on why your drains may be suffering from blockages.

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