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My waterlogged garden

Garden Drainage issues and how to solve them

Living in Great Britain we obviously must deal with the Great British weather and a lot of the time, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter – that means rain. So, if you’re experiencing problems with your garden drainage after downpours what can you do about it?

A waterlogged garden is not what you want as we approach the summer so here are a few tips on how you can increase the drainage in your garden and keep that surface water at bay.


1 – Use bark chippings

Bark chippings are great at absorbing moisture and can therefore improve the drainage in your garden. They also help prevent weed growth, can keep your plants warm over cold snaps and they can also improve the aesthetic of your garden borders.


2 – Pricking or slitting your lawn

Making holes in your lawn can help with your drainage. You can purchase specialised tool which make a deep hole which you can then fill with free-draining materials to allow the water to flow deeper throughout your garden avoiding that waterlogged grass problem we all hate.


3 – Plant more plants

This might sound obvious but growing more in your garden is the easiest way to improve the drainage. Make sure to plant and grow anything which enjoys wet conditions and from this you’ll have a less waterlogged garden, and a good-looking garden at that!


4 – Check your soil

A lot of UK gardens have clay soil, which unfortunately is not the best soil when it comes to drainage. If clay soil is causing your drainage issues you can divert collections of water into a nearby sewer by creating a watercourse. You may need to check with your local council on what’s permitted in your area for this one).


5 – Use artificial grass

On first read this might sound silly but artificial grass can handle large amounts of water if they’re installed correctly with a good permeable sub-base underneath the turf.


And finally – Install garden land drains

These perforated pipes allow water to enter through small perforations allowing you to get rid of waterlogged areas in your garden. These pipes will sit in a trench in your garden and the soil will be replaced with pea shingle gravel to allow water to easily flow through meaning a less wet garden.


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