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Accidental Damage: What’s covered?

Most Home Building Insurance policies will cover accidental damage to water and drainage pipes that serve the insured building. However, these policies often contain exclusions which is why it’s extremely important to read all the details  and small print on any insurance policy before agreeing to it. Accidental damage is not always included in your policy and may come as an extra add on… and a shock!

There are two types of insurance which you can purchase for you home – Building Insurance and Content Insurance. Cover for pipes and drains will mostly be covered within your building’s insurance. Accidental damage is defined as unexpected or unforeseen damage to your property by an outside force. Wear and tear or maintenance issues are generally not covered.

Below are some things to look out for when deciding on your building’s insurance policy:


Fires/Storm/Flood Damage

This should be covered in your policy


Related issues – if you have experience damage caused by ground movement your insurance should cover you for the repair works but it’s unlikely that it will cover any cost towards preventing further subsidence. Check your policy for the details

Burst pipes

This should be covered if the damage is due to ground movements or cracks appearing. You may not be covered if it’s an age-related issue with the pipes, such as pitch-fibre pipework, so it’s worth understanding the details in your policy on this and the age of your pipes

Blocked Drains/Pipes

Depending on your policy, you might be covered if the blockage is due to something like tree roots or other accidental damage. If the blockage is due to disposal of items that shouldn’t be put down your drains, you probably won’t be covered

Leaking Drainpipes

It’s unlikely drainpipes will be covered in your policy. Usually, a leaking drainpipe would be down to a maintenance issue


If you are experiencing an issue with your drains that needs fixing, here at Happy Drains we are happy to help. They can let you know an issue may be covered as accidental damage, and of course, they will more than happy to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Give us a call on 0800 849 8099 today!