Cesspit, soakaway and septic tank problems

  • Got visible leaks or seepage problem?
  • Nasty aromas and pongy whiffs?
  • Overflowing sewage?
  • Call the professionals!

Puddles pongs and leaks:

After years of dependable service, septic tank or pit has let you down –overflowing and leaking smelly effluent over your garden. It could be a blocked soakaway is causing it to overflow or surface water to collect around your home.

It may be solved merely by emptying the tank and servicing the connecting pipes, or it may be damage to its structure.

We to track down whatever the problem and get it fixed for you.

Is the damage accidental?

Common accidental damage issues can result from trees ingress causing tanks and soakaways to fail. If the damage is accidental like and not wear and tear, and you’re probably covered by insurance, we can look into specific the policy wording and to get your claim agreed and settled for you.

What we do:

In the first instance we send an approved specialist to resolve the emergency as quick as possible, after the unblocking service we carry out a CCTV inspection to identify the issue. If we find that the problem to be accidental damage you give us authority to manage the claim for you, and we will present to insurers and take it through every step until the repairs are completed and the claim is paid. 

If your problem is NOT covered by your insurance, we can still offer you a great value price to undertake necessary repairs.

The benefit of this service is you will not need to argue with the insurer and make lots of frustrating phone calls– Happy Drains does it all for you.

We can fix your septic tank, soakaway and cesspit or drain problems, but we can only manage a claim for you if you have for accidental damage cover.