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Winter Storms and Floods

Storms and floods can happen at any time of year, but they’re probably more likely to occur in the winter months when we get the heaviest rainfall. As this is the time of year when your drains will be working the hardest, it’s important that they’re in tip top condition! And when it’s raining is also a great time to check your drains, as you’ll really be able to tell if the water is flowing freely, or if any drains around your house are unable to cope. So grab your coat and go and have a look. Make sure you know where all the drains are, including around your garage and any outbuildings. Are they all clear of debris? You might need to clear away any sticks, leaves, and rubbish that has accumulated. If you notice any blockages, it may be time to give us a call to get them sorted before the next heavy rainstorm.

Also check what state the gutters and downpipes are in. It could be a good idea to install water butts on your downpipes, to lessen the amount of water going down the drains. The water you save can also be used to irrigate your garden in the drier days of Spring and Summer that hopefully will be with us soon.

And what if the worst occurs and parts of your home flood?

Firstly, make sure the electricity is turned off. Call a qualified electrician if you’re unsure how to do this safely. Then give us a call at Happy Drains and one of our engineers will be able to come and locate the source of any blockages in your drainage system that has led to the flooding. You don’t want the problem to just be ignored, as this could lead to damp in your home with consequences both structurally to your home, and to your health. We’re always happy to make inspections. Call 07824 757572 or 0800 849 8099.