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What is Bellied Pipework?

To put it simply, a bellied pipe is where the pipe dips or drops to a low point in a pipe, meaning gravity will takeover in the pipe and cause water and any build-up of waste or sediment to collect and remain in the belly. This can cause huge problems with waste not completely draining as it’s left to sit within the pipe in stagnant water.

There could be many reasons why your pipes might have developed a bit of a belly. Usually, natural causes will be the reason; the pipe may have been installed with the correct angle, but over the years soil erosion and movement in the earth can cause the pipe to sag. Other causes could include tree root growth, foundation issues, faulty pipes, bad installation and poor planning. In most cases the belly will occur at the joint or fitting of the pipe and are less often seen in a bend in the mid-section of the pipe. 

So, how do you find out if you have a bellied pipework and what could happen if you do? If a bellied pipe is not treated, you could experience waste build-up and a complete blockage. This means that over time your waste will not drain and could eventually be coming back UP your pipes… not pleasant!

Something like this will need professional help. The quickest and best way to find out if you have a bellied pipe is to call in our experts who will carry out a CCTV inspection. Our professionals will be able to determine the issues and best course of action.

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