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Tree Roots In Drains

Beautiful trees and greenery might look great on the surface of your garden, but do you know what’s happening underneath the surface? One of the main and most common causes of blocked drains, pipes and sewer is that of tree roots – so don’t let this cause issues for you.

Not only can a tree root blocked drain cause issues on your property but you could also be looking at problems with overflowing manholes, or even property subsidence! Getting an issue such as this sorted quickly and effectively will stop the problem worsening and save you cash.

One of the best areas for tree roots, but one of the worst areas for a homeowner, is that of underneath patios and driveways. Underneath these surfaces are a great place for tree roots, but with the roots putting pressure on the area you may notice cracks develop which can be costly and unsightly.


So why does it happen?

Moisture from drains often attracts tree roots searching for nutrients, and as the ground around these drains and pipes have often been disturbed and moved, it makes a channel perfect for roots to travel along easily.

Tree roots can also get into your drains and pipes through fractures or cracks. This allows small parts of the root to get in and then grown within the pipe itself. Regardless of where a root gains access, once in a drainage system a growing root can lead to blockages, leaks and even ruptured or burst pipes.


What can I do?

 Contact us. We will come out and access the damage. We have the experience to find existing problems and can also identify any potential problems that might arise in the future with roots from trees, shrubs and hedges close to drains and underground pipes. Call us on 0800 849 8099 or email us at service@happydrains.co.uk.