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There’s a rat in my drain, what am I going to do?

Rats are quite comfortable living in drains. And even if they are nesting in other places, the drainage system can still give them easy access to your home or business premises. Rates are very flexible and are excellent swimmers – which means they’re not deterred by squeezing through small spaces or even swimming past the U-bend and emerging in your toilet!


You may have noticed signs that rats are coming indoors – like droppings, scratch marks, holes and evidence of chewing in walls, doors and floors. They can gnaw or burrow through most materials. So as well as being a health hazard, they can cause considerable damage and even chew through live wires and cables.

It’s possible they’re getting in through a hole in the wall somewhere – but they could also be coming in via your drains and pipes.

A CCTV survey of your drains will show up any traces of rodent infestation, such as droppings. We can then look for any holes that they’re using to get into the system and patch them up, install one-way valves, and seal off openings and disused pipes.

Our covers and gratings allow waste to flow freely while stopping rodents from entering. You can also buy our Happy Drains rat blocker! It’s stainless steel, environmentally friendly, and suitable for most types of pipes.


So if you suspect there’s a rat in your drain, give us a call!