Quick Repairs for Cracked Drains

Drains that have cracked can quickly become a serious issue within a home and can result in damage, odour, soil pollution, groundwater pollution and the spread of diseases.

Cracked pipes can occur when tree roots have grown into the pipes, the ground has moved or the metal within the pipes have corroded. Looking out for the common signs of cracked drains can help you to identify the problem early. You should keep an eye out for foul smells, wet patches, sinkholes and cracked walls and floors. However, signs may not be immediately apparent and a cracked drain may only become confirmed through a professional inspection.

Unfortunately, a cracked pipe is likely to require the help from drain specialists. The best thing to do to save your property from any further damage is to give Drain Checkers a call to conduct a thorough CCTV survey inspection. A CCTV survey will let you know if a pipe has definitely cracked. Professionals will then be able to decide on the appropriate action to resolve the issue, dependant on the seriousness and extent of the damage.

The quickest and cheapest repair option is the use of trenchless technologies, like patch repairs. Patch sleeves are made from fibreglass matting combined with silicate resin. Patches are made to the desired length in order to cover the cracks fully. The patch is passed into the damaged section of pipework where it is inflated to mould around and line the damaged pipe. From here, it is left until the resin has cured and has created a solid structural lining.

It’s important to understand that patch repairs are only suited to pipes made of plastic, concrete, clay or pitch fibre. It can also be used to align pipes which change in diameter and have caused problems at connection points.

Patch piping saved a lot of time when compared to lengthier crack repairing methods like full replacements. In fact, there is no need for digging and restoring ground for patch piping. Due to this, it can be carried out in a short amount of time and will cause minimal disruption and inconvenience. Patch piping is a permanent way to repair cracked pipes and is extremely durable. It will greatly improve pipe flow and reduce any future blockages. The material used in patch pipes will mean it is resistant to corrosion from any chemicals or sewage that makes its way into drains. 

Drain Checker can help with any drain problems you may be experiencing. Whether you’re drains are blocked, broken or cracked, give the team a call on 0800 849 8099 or visit our contact page.