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We all know drain odours can be very un-pleasant, and sometimes they can be a real pain to eliminate, especially in the Summer heat! If you are struggling to eradicate any odours from your drains feel free to give us a call, our engineers are experts at finding the root of the cause of this very common issue, giving your pipes a professional clean!

Otherwise, here are a few tips from us on how you can prevent and treat odours in your drains.



Install drain catchers

These low-cost drain waste catchers are key to preventing waste particles from heading down your drains potentially causing build ups and nasty smells. Put them in your kitchen sinks to catch food waste and your showers or baths to catch hair, making it easy to throw the waste in your bins and not your drains, keeping them nice and clean. Use the same practice on your outside drains to catch all those leaves and dirt from building up too.

Routine health check

Keep on top of giving your drains a regular clean. A simple but effective way to do a routine clean is to boil a kettle and pour the hot water down your drains giving it a good flush of any small build ups, helping to eliminate developing smells.

Drain vigilant

Be conscious of what is being poured down your drains. One of the biggest culprits is fats and oils from your pans. Although you might think it will pour straight down, these fats can start to solidify in your drains causing blockages and smells. So, make sure you dispose of it in your waste instead.



Get the tool for the job

Slow draining water? If you think you have a small blockage in your drains, invest in some simple tools readily available on the market. A drain snake is great way to easily dive into your drain, navigating bends and pulling out all sorts of things that might be clogging up your drains – these are great for catching hair in particular! Otherwise, a trusty plunger for your kitchen sinks can be all your need to shift a blockage.

Deep cleaning

Hot water not doing the trick? Give your clean a boost with some commercial drain cleaner/un-blocker. Or if you want to save some money or avoid chemicals try our homemade remedy of pouring 1 cup of baking soda in your drain, followed by 1 cup of white vinegar, giving it a few minutes to work its foaming magic and finishing with a flush of some boiling water, giving your drains a real cleaning blast.

Call a professional

Let us do all the dirty work and get your drains odour free and in perfect condition. Contact us today on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 or email service@happydrains.co.uk