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Have I got a collapsed drain? The tell tale signs.

A collapsed drain is a serious issue and will require immediate action. Happy Drains can come and investigate if you spot any of the following signs that you may have a collapsed drain on your property.



If the drain has collapsed, any water that would normally flow through will seep out into the surrounding area, and if the drain is under your house that could lead to damp appearing in the floor or walls.



The smell of sewage could be an indication of a collapsed drain, as waste is not able to flow away into the main sewers. Blockages and sewers backing up can occur. Definitely time to give us a call!


Poor Drainage

If you notice that water is taking a long time to drain away it could be because of a blockage – but could also be the result of a collapsed pipe or drain. Our CCTV survey will be able to find out.


Cracks and Subsidence

If a collapsed drain is underneath a structural part of your property, or a feature such as a path or driveway, you may see cracks and in severe cases, subsidence as well. Just filling in the cracks won’t fix the cause of the problem, and it could prove very costly to fix if not dealt with promptly. You many also notice subsidence in the soil around a damaged pipe.


There are many reasons why a drain might collapse, but the important thing is to get professional help if you suspect it has happened on your property. Give us a call straight away and we can come and investigate!