What is Drain Relining?

One of the easiest ways to ensure that drains are in the best shape possible is to invest in drain relining. Damage to drains and pipework isn’t always obvious or easy to detect, but drain relining essentially creates a pipe within a pipe, meaning drains can be repaired without the need to dig or cause unnecessary disruption.

Relining drains is a way to add a protective layer to the inside, which forms a coating to protect against cracks and other damage. The process will begin by a thorough CCTV inspection being carried out by drain professionals. This will help to determine the location and extent of any damage that has already occurred. The pipes will then be flushed out using a high-powered water jet, which will help to clean out the internal walls of the drains before the lining is attached.

Installation of the lining can then begin by threading it through the pipework using an inflated air bag to shape it to the internal walls. Once it has been installed, the resin is hardened using hot water or UV lighting, which will help to form an inner pipe. Drain relining is not only used to protect and repair pipes, but also to help water flow with a low-friction surface.

Drain lining is extremely non-destructive, which means that whilst the process is quick and easy, it is also very cost-effective and is likely to last years without further attention. Depending on where the drains are located, relining will be carried out using one long lining piece or several smaller sheets overlapping one another.

A major benefit of drain relining when compared to drain replacement is that it can work out cheaper and it is a fairly common process for professional drainage companies to do. Your pipes are unlikely to be out of action for a long time and it is the quickest way to get them fixed.

At Drain Checker, we can carry out CCTV survey inspections on your drains to detect any drainage problems and see if relining would be the best option for you. For more information or to talk to member of the Drain Checker team, get in touch today by giving us a call on 0800 849 8099 or via our contact page.