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Deformed/Problematic Pipework – Have you moved and noticed issues?

Damage doesn’t just mean physical damage; it can also be the issues you can’t see or the loss of functions. So, if your pipework isn’t doing what you think it should, you might have a deformity or breakage.

Whether you’ve moved to a new property in the new year or have noticed issues with your pipework at your home, it isn’t uncommon. Pipes can develop cracks and breakages over time, and if not inspected and the problem resolved, can cause a lot of issues for the homeowner.

There are a few types of problematic underground pipework you might come across, including:

  • displaced or open joints
  • tree or plant roots in the pipe
  • blockage or obstruction
  • cracked or fractured pipework
  • blistered or delaminated pipework – pitch-fibre pipes only
  • collapsed pipework
  • bellied or misshapen pipes (also called ‘bellied’)
  • insufficient fall (the pipe is too flat)

Noticing a problem with your pipework or drainage is just the first step, and as soon as you’ve spotted an issue, it’s time to call in a professional – Us! We can visit your property and assess the situation, giving you the advice you need and a solution. A CCTV drain survey, where a camera is inserted into the drain, may also be needed to identify the problem.

Your drainage report will give us, and you, enough detail to be able to understand the condition of the pipe and will enable us to form a list of defects for each stretch of pipework, along with the material the pipe is made from and if/where one material changes to another. A solution to the issue can then be found and your pipes can once again be running like clockwork.

If you need more information contact Happy Drains on 0800 849 8099 or email us at service@happydrains.co.uk