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Cement & Concrete Could Be Blocking Your Drains

Have you recently had some renovations done to your home? Or recently moved into a new build? If so, you might be surprised if you suddenly start experiencing drainage issues, such as water draining very slow, or hardly draining at all. But these two occurrences could very well be connected. 

It’s quite easy for your drains to become blocked by concrete or cement when works are being done or have been done to a property. Rubble may accidentally find its way down pipes and combined with builders washing their equipment that is caked in wet cement and substances – it can cause some issues. If these substances dry up and attach to your pipes, you are in for a potentially very difficult removal process.

And if you ignore the issue the problem could get worse very quickly from everyday drain use, like food waste particles and fat build ups adding to the blockage.

Finding the most effective treatment

There are several techniques you can use to remove cement build up from your pipes. To ensure that the most effective technique is used to clear the blockage, get one of our Happy Drains skilled engineers out. They will undertake a CCTV inspection to find the exact route and extent of the build-up. We will then be able to work out the simplest, most cost-effective way to unblock your drains. 

You can find lots of useful information all about our drain unblocking service here, and If you think you could be the victim of cement and concrete in your drains, then call our team of skilled engineers on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 who will be happy to advise you before the problem gets worse.