CCTV Drain Surveys: When are They Useful?

CCTV drain surveys are a really useful tool for us when we’re trying to identify issues, and they keep you well informed about the state of your pipes.

These aren’t the only benefits, though. Read on to find out more about the benefits of CCTV drain surveys:

Identifying issues

There are a number of issues we can identify through a CCTV drain survey, such as multiple joint fractures, pitch fibre pipework failure, failed joints, root mass ingress and scale build up. Without a CCTV survey, these issues could go unidentified, resulting in costly and more difficult repairs.

Not disruptive

One of the issues with pipes is that you can’t always identify problems without digging, which is disruptive and expensive. CCTV drain surveys provide a quick, convenient alternative that produces high-quality footage. This process is time-effective and more informative, which wouldn’t be the case if we had to search each pipe by eye alone. As a result, we can resolve any issues you might find in your pipes sooner. 

Technical report

Our technical report details crucial information about the present state of your pipes. It’s from this information that we’re able to plan our next course of action. With a full understanding of your pipes we’re more informed, so we can decide on the quickest and easiest solution for you. Our technical reports are also a huge benefit to you because you’ll be able to understand as much as we do; you can stay clued up with the visual footage so you can understand why we have proceeded with a particular course of action.

Home Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you’re searching for a new home, you’ll inspect the property as thoroughly as you can to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. You might be able to check the taps, but for a more thorough examination, you should use our Home Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection. We can determine the condition of the pipes in the property you are hoping to purchase, so you’ll be totally informed. You can avoid any nasty surprises and get some reassurance and peace of mind by getting a CCTV drain survey in advance.

Build-over Drain Survey

If you’re planning on adding an extension to your home, our Build-over Drain Survey can identify the present structural and service conditions of the drains under or near the area you plan to work on. You can avoid complications with your build when you know exactly where the pipes are and how healthy they are, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

CCTV drainage surveys are an easy, convenient way to identify and resolve issues with your pipes. If you’re in need of a CCTV survey, we’d love to offer you our services. You’ll see results and solutions in no time at all.