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A guide to drain jetting

When there’s a blockage deep underground, you don’t have to dig up the pipes to clear it!

Drain jetting is a method of clearing pipes and drains safely from the surface, using vacuum technology and water under very high pressure. Drain rods may not reach far enough, or might just push the blockage further down the pipe. So a jetting hose is a much more efficient tool to use.

It’s a reinforced but flexible hose that can go round bends and reach further inside. The tank-stored water is then pumped in at very high pressure, and used in bursts. Even the toughest of blockages can usually be broken down and flushed away by these powerful machines, with the pipe work then left free of obstructions, nice & clean and working effectively.

Drain jetting is also a great way of maintaining drains and keep them clear of accumulated debris, silt, fats and grease before they can build up and cause an issue. But caution needs to be taken when dealing with these very specialised machines. Happy Drains are your local experts in using high tech drain jetting machinery so it’s definitely best to leave this job safely in the hands of our fully trained technicians!

We also offer bigger jetting machines designed for commercial customers, able to clear larger diameter pipes, and machines that can access areas that other drainage clearance vehicles may struggle with. If you have an issue with blocked drains, give us a call and our jetting team will be able to help.