5 Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain surveys and inspections are ideal for diagnosing any problems or blockages. Using a remote controlled camera, a drain specialist will be able to tell what’s wrong with your drains in no time at all. Whether you are noticing problems with your drains, or you need to inspect the drains on a potential property, here are the benefits of choosing a CCTV Drain Survey…

Speedy Analysis

When you encounter a problem with your drains, you want it to be fixed as soon as possible; time is money after all! It’s also a hassle to be dealing with a blockage at home, especially during the winter months. However, a CCTV survey speeds everything up considerably. As the camera is lowered into the drain, the plumber can see everything in real time on a TV screen.

Accurate Diagnosis

A speedy analysis naturally leads on to an accurate diagnosis, because the plumber can see exactly what the problem is straight away. This means they can devise an effective solution for the problem, rather than making an assumption based on limited evidence. For example, if a tree root is blocking the drain, a chemical cleaner will not flush it out, and a plumber will know this from the CCTV footage.

Cost effective

A plumber’s time is very precious, so repeat visits to sort out a drainage problem can become expensive. However, due to its precision and accuracy, a CCTV drain survey is better value for money because it simply takes less time to find a problem if there is one.

Minimal Disruption

CCTV drain surveys save time and money, but they also keep disruption to a compete minimum. The camera does all the work in locating the problem, so once the plumber has identified it, they can simply carry out the work on that part of the drain, rather than carrying out a large excavation to locate the problem.

Ideal for new property owners

For potential property owners, a CCTV drain survey can be used to carry out an assessment of the drain in a property. This technology turns what could be a long, expensive task into a quick visit from a plumber, which is ideal for cutting down costs during the costly process of buying a house.

Using the latest in CCTV technology and industry software, here at Happy Drains we can offer a full technical report with our CCTV surveys, along with recommendations and quotations from qualified engineers regarding any repairs needed. For more information, please just get in touch.